Sex Advice

Dear Dr. Locker: My penis is small. Please tell me what sex positions can make my girlfriend feel tighter during sex.

Answer from Dr. Locker

Trial and error work best when you are trying to find the amount of pressure and friction that feel good to you and your partner during intercourse.

These variations on some common sex positions can usually snug things up:

1) Missionary: She tilts her pelvis down, aiming her vaginal opening toward the mattress, and holds her bent knees up toward her chest while keeping her head elevated on pillows. This will increase pressure against her vaginal walls and shorten her vaginal canal.

2) Sitting: You stand or kneel while she sits on the edge of the bed, sofa, or counter top. When you enter her you’ll be going up at a slight angle, so your penis should hit the top wall of her vagina. You’ll feel pressure and tightness as you hit that wall.

3) Doggy style: Enter her from behind, but open your legs and have her mostly close hers. Then have her angle her body down by resting her head and shoulders flat on the bed. This will help her feel tighter, or you feel bigger…however you prefer to look at it.

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