Articles Written By Dr. Sari Locker

Some articles written by Dr. Locker are on the left.

She has written for magazines including Playboy, Entertainment Weekly, Marie Claire, Redbook, Details, and Women's Own. She has written for major websites including Huffington Post, and The New York Times. She has been a weekly or monthly columnist for magazines and websites, including:

Maxim Sari LockerDr. Sari Locker was the sex advice columnist every month in the very popular, Maxim magazine. She wrote sex Q & A columns as well as topical articles. Most months, her column was a Cover Story of Maxim. (She did not write for their website, only for the print magazine.) You can read some of her articles by clicking on the titles to the left.

Match Sari LockerSari wrote a column for's online magazine for three years, and the articles remain on today. Many of her articles were reprinted on MSN and AOL. You can read some of her articles by clicking on the titles to the left.

AOL Sari LockerShe was an AOL Sex and Relationship Advisor for which she conducted monthly live chats, and answered questions on a web page exclusively on AOL's Women area.

Teen PeopleDr. Locker was a Contributing Editor for Teen People magazine for six years, writing an article in each issue. She was also the advice columnist "Sari Says" for Teen People Online, writing advice columns for their website each week and conducting live monthly web chats for teens on their site and on AOL Live.

Sassy Sari LockerSari was the also advice columnist for Sassy teen magazine, writing a column for their magazine each month.