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Dear Dr. Locker: My penis is curved 25 or 30 degrees to the left. Is there something wrong with me? It's really embarrassing because I never know how to explain it to women.

Answer from Dr. Locker

Penises come in all sizes and shapes, and it’s normal for them to curve in any direction. (However, if your erection causes you physical pain or if the curve increases to more than 45 degrees, then you should see a urologist because that could indicate a condition called Peyronie’s Disease.) If your penis health and functioning is fine, then there’s no need to worry.

You certainly shouldn’t be embarrassed when a woman sees it. If she has seen enough other penises, then she knows that they vary, and she’ll probably be fine with it. If she has never seen anything like it, and recoils in disgust, then it’s your job to help her love it. That can only happen if you love it first! Raise you penis-pride by thinking about all the pleasure that your penis brings you. Then to help her love it, let her know about the special things it can do because of its curve, such as provide unique stimulation inside her vagina, and make it easier for her to fellate you when she’s lying on her side. You have something wonderful between your legs, so learn how to appreciate it and understand that you penis is awesome just the way it is.

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