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Dear Dr. Locker: Do women like to be fingered in the vagina when oral sex is being performed on them?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Some women enjoy having fingers inserted into their vagina during oral sex, while others may prefer "no hands" oral. If she likes having fingers inserted during oral sex, then you can put a finger or two inside her vagina and slowly move your finger(s) in and out, while your tongue is on her clitoris. Or you can use your tongue to penetrate her vagina, and move it in and out. She may enjoy this oral-vaginal stimulation at the same time as clitoral stimulation with your fingers. You can keep both your hands and tongue going at the same time in a rhythm. Try a few variations, or, best of all, ask her what she enjoys. It's all individual. Some women do not like any penetration during oral sex, so find out what she likes first.

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