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Dear Dr. Locker: What could cause a woman to miss her period, besides being pregnant? I have not had sex in a year, but I missed a period.

Answer from Dr. Locker

A woman might miss a period if she is under more stress than usual, if she gains or loses weight, drastically changes her diet or exercise program, moves, starts a new job or school, if she has been sick or, sometimes, if she is taking a new medication. Also, it is very common for teenage girls and women who are close to menopause (peri-menopause) to have irregular periods, miss periods, or have long cycles. Occasionally, a woman may miss a period for apparently no reason at all. Clinically, what mostly likely is happening if a woman misses a period and is not pregnant is that she did not ovulate that month, and her hormones therefore are not triggering menstruation. This normally occurs once in a while. If you have your period next month and everything seems fine, there's probably nothing to worry about. However, if you miss another period, or if you experience any other symptoms, or if you just want to check now to be sure that everything is fine, please see a gynecologist.

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