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Dear Dr. Locker: Is there a G-spot for men?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Not exactly. The G-spot is the name for an area on the upper inner wall of the vagina. Since men don’t have a vagina, obviously they don’t have a G-spot. Yet often people refer to an area around men’s genitals as being as unique and exciting as the female G-spot is for some women. That exciting area in men would be were the male prostate gland can be stimulated. The prostate gland is a small chestnut sized gland located below the bladder and surrounding the urethra, directly behind the rectum. It can be stimulated externally from applying gentle pressure on the skin between the man’s scrotum and anus -- or internally by inserting a finger about and inch and a half inside the man’s anus. Many men say that stimulation of this area feels amazing and leads to more intense orgasms. So while there is no G-spot per se, for a special pleasure all of their own, guys can check out there prostate gland... or maybe we should start calling it their P-spot. (Although maybe some people would say that "p-spot" sounds too much like "pee-spot" which would just be messy.)

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