Sex Advice

Dear Dr. Locker: She yells so loud during sex that it wakes up my neighbors. Loud in bed. Is there a solution?

Answer from Dr. Locker

It’s great that she expresses herself in bed, if it’s genuine, that is. Ask her if her vocalization is all-natural, or if she cranks it up to 9 just to boost your ego. If it’s a put on, then tell her that you’d prefer her to whisper in your ear. But if her shrieks and moans are 100% pure, then here are some ways to tone it down: Kiss her during sex (with lots of tongue), so her mouth is too full to scream. Ask to try totally silent sex, just for variation. Blast hip-hop to drown her out. If nothing works, all you can do is try to get into it. As far as your neighbors go, they probably assume that you just have the volume too loud on your porn movies, anyway. If that thought doesn’t help you, then try this: Complain to your neighbors about how much the loud couple next door has been bothering you and your girlfriend.

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