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Dear Dr. Locker: I will be alone again this year on Valentine's Day. How can I brighten my Valentine's Day even though I'm single?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Here are ten great ideas for how to have a fun Valentine's Day alone!

1. Give cards and flowers to your closest friends, and tell them how much you appreciate their love. You'll feel good about yourself because you are doing something nice for others. If they are good friends, they will appreciate it.

2. Have a "singles only" party. Play "Spin the Bottle" and "Truth or Dare," and be glad that you're not tied down in a relationship.

3. Go see a romantic movie by yourself. Take comfort in the fact that real-life love stories are never as good as in the movies!

4. Use Valentine's Day as a time to help those who may be truly lonely. Visit the elderly in a nursing home, or sick kids in the hospital. Make Valentine's cards with them, bring them flowers, or just keep them company.

5. Spend the day with your family. They need your love too, once in a while!

6. Spend the day with a friend who ended a relationship recently. He or she will probably need your support more than ever on Valentine's Day.

7. Go looking for love! Get a buddy and go browse in bookstores, coffee shops, at the mall, or anywhere you think you might meet some cool people who might have things in common with you. Don't be shy -- chat up anyone who seems nice and interesting. Be sure to get emails and phone numbers of those you meet.

8. Go shopping and buy a cute outfit -- something that YOU love, rather than something you'd get just to impress a potential date.

9. Spend the day playing with your pet. Fido or Fluffy always wants and appreciates your love. And pets love you right back, unconditionally.

10. Make your best friend your Valentine. Splurge on a fancy dinner together, hang out, or do whatever you both enjoy. Remember that best friends usually outlast most boyfriend-girlfriend relationships.

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