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Dear Dr. Locker: My man yelled out "I think my penis is broken" during sex. Did it just bend, or is it broken? Does he need to see a doctor?

Answer from Dr. Locker

If during sex a man scream in pain and says, "I think my penis is broken," then he may have bent it or fractured it while trying to thrust. It most often occur during vigorous thrusting if the penis comes out of the vagina, is thrust back in with force, but the penis doesn´t quite make it into the vagina and instead hits a surface that doesn´t give, such as the perineum or pubic bone. The penis bends and it could tear a membrane inside the penis. If the pain only lasts for a few seconds, and his penis seems to work find just after, then he´s probably fine. But if there was a popping sound when it happened, and the pain persists for more than couple minutes, or if there´s bruising or swelling, he should see a doctor right away. If the internal membrane tore, he will likely need surgery. (Yes, that means your romantic interlude will be moving to the ER.) There´s no 100% sure way to avoid any sexual mishap. You can try to minimize vigorous thrusting, particularly when you´re on top (because then he may have less control over when the thrusts occur). Also, you and he can be very careful that if the penis comes out of the vagina, you pause for a few seconds to slowly, carefully get it back in the vagina.

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