Sex Advice

Dear Dr. Locker: The guy I'm dating tells me that he gets turned on by dirty talk, but I feel stupid when I try to do it. Any pointers?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Don't worry; talking dirty doesn't mean you have to start reeling off a string of four-letter words like a porn star. One easy way to get the ball rolling is to merely describe what you're going to do to your lover right before you do it, as in, "I'm gonna unbutton your shirt now." Or, tell your lover what to do to you, like "I want you to kiss my neck then move all the way down my body." To find words and expressions you'll be comfortable using, take a peek in a copy of Penthouse Letters or a book of erotic short stories like the annual Best American Erotica anthologies. They're filled with dirty dialogue that should give you some good ideas. The trick is to say things that turn you on—not just your partner.

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