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Dear Dr. Locker: What should I say -- and not say -- after sex?

Answer from Dr. Locker

It’s totally common to feel at a loss for words right after an intimate encounter, whether that’s out of pure exhaustion or a little awkwardness. But a few choice words can really enhance the “afterplay.” It’s worth it to speak up, if only to keep your partner from silently worrying, Did my partner enjoy that? You don’t need to say much, just enough to let your lover know that you’re content. Try something simple, like, “That felt so good.” Or, “I felt really connected with you.” Sometimes discussing what you enjoyed more specifically is a good way to steer your partner to your particular turn-ons, which can set the stage for even better sex later on. However, don’t go through a detailed play-by-play analysis—that can detract from the intimacy by making it seem as if you’re judging or grading the sexual encounter.

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