Sex Advice

Dear Dr. Locker: I want to have anal sex, and my partner is getting comfortable with it. But I would like to have it without a condom. She says no. What should I do?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Do as your partner says. She is trying to become comfortable with something that you had been more interested in than she was... So you should do everything that she requests that will make her more comfortable with it. Also, you need to use condoms when you have anal sex to protect from STDs. The lining of the anus tears easily, often with non-visible internal tears. If there is an STD in your semen, it can get into your partner's blood stream most easily during anal sex. If there is an STD in your partner's blood, it could even get into your blood stream via your penis. This is a risk not worth taking. Condoms during anal sex are a must. Protect your partner and yourself -- use condoms during anal sex. Also, be sure to use lots of water based lubricant, such as the types available in drug stores next to the condoms.

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