Sex Advice

Dear Dr. Locker: Will sex hurt? Does sex hurt the first time?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Most girls report that their first time they did have a little pain, but not all say that it was painful. It’s individual. Sometimes it has to do with whether or not her hymen is already stretched or broken, or whether it breaks for the first time during sex. When a girl feels pressured, or rushed, or nervous, then she’ll tense up and then she may feel more pain. In general, to feel less pain, a girl and her partner would have already had a lot of non-intercourse sex play with each other over many months, so that they already know each other’s bodies. They would need to be sure that they are ready for sex, and they are totally relaxed, and using lubrication. Also, they should talk about it a lot before their first time, and they should agree on how they will handle it if it does not feel good.

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