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Dear Dr. Locker: I gave oral sex to my new boyfriend for 30 minutes and then he FINALLY climaxed. What can I do to help him orgasm faster from oral?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Talk to him to find out what he likes during oral sex. Some guys simply don't have orgasms easily from oral sex, no matter what is tried. But if he says that he loves oral sex, and usually orgasms faster from it, then he should be able to give you some pointers. He might like his penis stimulated in a particular way, and he should tell you about that. He might say that he needs a more consistent rhythm or more -- or less -- lip tightness, or that he likes more focus on the head – or on the base of his penis. If he is reluctant to talk to you about it, but he says that he does like oral sex, then you can experiment with the things I mentioned, to try to speed oral sex up. Also, many people need additional stimulation during oral sex. For example, many guys ejaculate faster with a combo of mouth action and hand stimulation. If you combine manual with oral it may make it more exciting for him. You could use your hand on the base of his penis, and your mouth on the top. Also, you can add stimulation to other parts of his body, such as his butt, stomach, scrotum (balls), chest, nipples, or anything else that may make it more exciting for him. I hope he explains to you exactly what he likes!

A final note: maybe he was enjoying what you were doing so much that he held off his orgasm, to prolong the good feelings, and to make himself last longer. Or maybe he always takes a long time to climax due to his sexual response, age, or if he’s on medication, such as anti-depressants. So ask him about how long he takes to orgasm in any case.

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