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Dear Dr. Locker: What is an orgasm, and is it always part of sex?

Answer from Dr. Locker

An orgasm is considered the climax of sexual pleasure. It’s the result of sexual stimulation, and it leads to involuntary muscle contractions and facial contortions in both men and women. Your toes may curl, your thighs may twitch, your eyes may squint, your mouth may scowl... or any number of other variations of uncontrollable movements may happen to you. In men orgasm is almost always accompanied by ejaculation. In women, a sure sign of orgasm is rapid muscular contractions of her vagina. Orgasm leads to a great sense of euphoria. So even though it might only last a few seconds, it is something that people find immensely pleasurable.

No two orgasms are going to be exactly alike. They feel different to everyone. They do not always happen during sex -- especially for women -- but it is always possible to try to make them happen during sex. The reason why women have a more difficult time having an orgasm during sex is because they often are not receiving the clitoral stimulation that they would need to have an orgasm from the stimulation that they are getting during intercourse. Please see this question and my answer for an explanation of what women can do to try to orgasm during sex: * How can women have orgasms during regular intercourse?

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