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Dear Dr. Locker: What position is best for the first time?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Some couples report that they liked it with him on top, while she has a pillow under her butt, because it allows for her to relax and provides an easy angle for penetration. However, this would only work for her if the guy goes very slowly, and does not thrust fully, at least at first. She needs to be able to tell him to slow down, stop, or keep going. And If she feels that when he is on top she has less control, then perhaps for her first time, she would want to be on top in order lower herself onto him at the pace that’s right for her. Another option might be is side by side in the spoon position. In fact, there are many options, so the couple should discuss it. If the first position doesn’t feel right, you can always move around until you find a position you like. Or you can always stop and try again other time. Be sure to talk about it.

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