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Dear Dr. Locker: Does masturbation have anything to do with how fast I climax during sex?

Answer from Dr. Locker

There are many different ways to look at this question. Here are a few of my ideas about it...

If you masturbate frequently, then it could affect you during sex because if you are very accustomed to only climaxing through masturbation with that very specific type of stimulation, then perhaps the stimulation during sex with a partner might make you take longer to climax, because it is not your "usual" type of stimulation.

For others people, if they are very used to climaxing quickly when they masturbate because they rush through masturbation, then they might find that they climax very quickly during sex.

Another possibility, if a man usually only masturbates and rarely has sex, then having sex with a real live person may make him ejaculate quickly during sex, because he’s so exceedingly excited about doing something sexual other than masturbating.

Finally, there is another explanation for how masturbation could be related to how long it takes to climax: If a man recently ejaculated, then his next ejaculation will often take longer to happen. So if a man masturbates just before having sex, then it can sometimes make him last longer. There is a great deal of variation, depending on the man, his age, his masturbatory habits, and his sexual experience and his partner.

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