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Dear Dr. Locker: Can sperm survive on a bed sheet for 2 days?

Answer from Dr. Locker

That is not likely. Some sources say that sperm can live outside of the body for only three to five minutes when on a cool dry surface like a sheet. Other sources say that sperm could stay alive for three to five hours if it is warmer dry surface.

Sperm stays alive for different amounts of time depending on where it is ejaculated. For example, if it is ejaculated INSIDE the vagina, sperm will stay alive for (on average) one to three days, and in some cases up to seven days. When it is ejaculated in open air outside of the body, it lives much shorter than when it is ejaculated inside the vagina. In the open air, but somewhere that is warm and moist, it will stay alive longer than if it were cool and dry. When it is ejaculated somewhere cool and dry, it would stay alive for the shortest amount of time.

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