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Dear Dr. Locker: Is there anything I can do to enlarge my penis? Pills? Lotions? Surgery?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Pills and lotions do not increase penis size. Do not believe it if you hear that any pills or lotions will work for you. There is no way to enlarge your penis using those kinds of method. Ignore any advertisements or infomercials on this topic.

You might be able to make your penis look longer if you are overweight and you lose a lot of weight, because it may appear longer once the fat pad around it is reduced.

Some guys find that trimming their pubic hair a little may also make their penis look longer. However, some women find trimmed pubic hair to be a turn-off.

There is such a thing as penile enlargement surgery, but it often does not achieve the results a man would want. There are two ways that it could be done. One: Surgically cutting the ligament to make the penis look longer when limp, but doesn’t add length when erect. Or: Injecting fat into the penis to make it thicker. Both procedures have very high complication rates, which can result in a mushy or lumpy penis from poor fat transfer; or a penis that “hangs loose” from cutting the ligament, making it unable to adequately penetrate during sex. It isn’t worth the risks. Learn to love what you have instead! Really learn to love your size and learn to work with your size to have a great sex life. Feel penis pride and your partner will love it too.

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