Sex Advice

Dear Dr. Locker: I want sex every day, but my wife wants it only a couple of times a week because she says it is boring to do it so much. Any suggestions?

Answer from Dr. Locker

One to three times a week is the average number of times that people have sex. If you want it much more and she wants it much less, then you need to strike a balance. You could take turns some weeks doing it more, and some weeks less. Or when you are in the mood and she is not, you can masturbate in bed next to her. Maybe she will want to touch you while you masturbate, or maybe even talk dirty if that turns you on during masturbation. That way she can still be involved with your sex play, even if she does not want to have intercourse.

Your issue also seems to be finding a way to spice up your sex life. You can try to add things to your sex life so that it is more exciting to your partner. Vary the location where you have sex in the house for a simple way to make it more exciting, or at least memorable. Also, experiment with new sex positions and oral sex and 69.

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