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Dear Dr. Locker: I've heard that ben-wa balls will make my vagina feel great. Is this true? Should I try them?

Answer from Dr. Locker

Ben wa balls are small solid metal balls that are said to cause a woman sexual pleasure when they are both inserted inside her vagina, and the ben-wa balls rub together.

Do ben wa balls work? You will only know for sure if you try them. Some women say that the balls give them the sensation of getting a constant inner vaginal massage. Tantra and Taoist sex enthusiasts swear by them.

However, biology points to the fact that they might not get you worked up at all. There are few nerve endings deep inside the vagina, so you most likely will not feel much sensation from the ben-wa balls. Also, some women find that rather than rubbing together inside the vagina and causing pleasure, one of the two ben-wa balls creeps up and rests on the cervix, which can make it a hassle to remove. Spending an hour reaching inside your vagina to try to dislodge a metal ball from your cervix is probably not the experience that you have in mind.

In case you were wondering, ben wa balls are not intended to be put into the anus.

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